Chirp Wheel Video & Review

Dec 2, 2020

Hello friends! I am still alive! As it turns out, buying and selling a house and moving are REALLY HARD, especially when you are trying to keep a business running! Anyway, hopefully I will be back at it now that we’re somewhat settled. 🙂 Anyway, let’s get straight to the point, as is my forte!

I kept getting advertisements for the Chirp Wheel, and when I’d read the comments on the posts, people made the thing sound life-changing. Well, turns out, it is! I’ve had back pain problems since middle school (I remember when it started because one of my best friends in 8th grade would pop my back), and the increase in time spent sitting in 2020 has definitely taken its toll. I got my Chirp Wheel a couple of months ago, and I’ve used it every day since. 

What is the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel is essentially a hard plastic cylinder with foam covering the outside intended to relieve back pain. There’s a small trough in the foam for your spine all the way around the wheel, which makes it extremely comfortable to use. Kinda feels like a really good massage.

Chirp comes in three sizes — their website says the smaller the wheel, the more intense the pressure. I haven’t really noticed feeling more pressure, but I prefer the smaller one just because it keeps me closer to the ground.

Chirp used to be called the “Plexus Wheel,” so if you’re hunting for that, this is the exact same thing. They just changed the name.

The Chirp Wheel isn’t rocket science, but I wanted to share a few tips that I’ve learned (as well as a video of how I use mine).

1. Put your hair in a bun before you try it. (Like for real!!!!!!!!)

I noticed that some of Chirp’s own instructional videos and photos use women with their hair down, and… I love ya, Chirp, but that’s some irresponsible marketing! The first time I tried mine, my hair got stuck under the wheel (this happens FAST, you guys). Luckily I managed to stop rolling quickly enough to save the majority of my hair, but I definitely pulled out a few strands. This has even happened with my hair in a ponytail (if you have pieces falling down in the back or if your pony is just too long, you’re still at risk of the hair pull). Be very careful to have all your hair up off your neck and out of the way before using your Chirp.

2. There’s a bit of a learning curve.

The Chirp Wheel isn’t difficult to use, but you might not get the most excellent results the first time you try it. It takes some practice to figure out how to position your body — and even just how to relax. If you’re overly tense (using your abs to steady yourself really intensely), you’re not going to get the best results. You gotta give in to the wheel! Also, if you have a significant buildup of tension in your back, you might need to work through that a bit before you get the back-popping relief you’re hoping for.

3. It’s a great addition to a yoga practice.

I have been doing tons of at-home yoga this year, and I love having the ability to kind of play around with my practice. I keep my Chirp Wheel nearby for portions of classes that don’t work for me.

Now for the instructional piece…

One of my neighbors borrowed the medium wheel from my set to give it a try, and one thing she mentioned was that having her head hang back gives her a bit of vertigo. Totally agree there — but one way I avoid this is just by cradling my head in my arms. This also helps spread out my shoulder blades so the wheel can really get in and work its magic. (My right shoulder is one of my most intense sources of tension, so making sure I can target that area is super important.)

I’ve also noticed that going super slow usually gives me the best results. It helps you focus on what hurts and what needs more attention. 

All right, I’ll leave you guys here with this video (I’m a dork, but maybe it’ll help somebody!).

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