Best Personal Item for Airline Travel: Lo & Sons Edgemont Review

May 16, 2020

To recap where I’m at if you didn’t read the first installment in this series, I went on the hunt for a personal item that would attach to the handle of my rollaboard back. I started out with a set from Away (that went back, sadly) and moved on to Dagne Dover. From there, I arrived at today’s review: the Lo & Sons Edgemont bag. Spoiler alert: I KEPT IT.

Okay, you guys. I finally found my bag! And it. is. cool. It’s a tote that converts to a backpack (or is it a backpack that coverts to a tote?) with a padded laptop compartment and a bunch of other cool pockets. Sadly, all the travel plans we had in the queue since I made this purchase have been canceled, but I carried it as a work bag a time or two before the pandemic began.

So, Edgemont, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Link to product:

Overview of the Lo & Sons Edgemont: I may have mentioned in a previous review that my Samsonite rollaboard is navy, but I didn’t mention that I bought it in a two-pack with my husband and just yielded the black to him. Navy isn’t a bad color, but it feels kinda boring sometimes. Enter: Navy camo Edgemont bag.

This bag comes in several colors, but the navy camo is SO cool. It’s super subtle, and also has black accents (if you’re the kind of person who cares about mixing black and navy, maybe don’t get this print, but I love it). I was excited about the wide trolley sleeve, the ability to convert the bag from tote to backpack, and all the compartments it offers. 
My overall thoughts: If you haven’t picked up on what I’m putting down yet, this bag is fire. I love the simplicity of the design and the crazy-amazing functionality it offers.

Pros of the Lo & Sons Edgemont:

  • Excellent size: I’m a little gal (5’4”, about 110 lbs), but even though this bag is roomy, it doesn’t overwhelm my small frame as a backpack or as a tote.
  • Roomy: While I did LOVE the short/wide configuration of the tote-shaped bags I tried, this backpack still has lots of space and separate areas to organize your essentials.
  • Plenty of pockets and padding: As a small business owner, my husband and I always wind up working on trips, so a laptop pocket is a must. This bag offered (to me) the most protection of any of the bags I tried.
  • Hidden compartments and key chain: There are these cool little side pockets that you can stash important items — think your passport, ID, phone, some cash — as well as a pull-out key fob so you don’t lose them in the abyss of your bag.
  • Comfortable: The backpack configuration is super comfortable for when you have to stash your rollaboard but want to keep your personal items close at hand.
  • Removable insert: I can’t see myself taking the insert out, really, because it’s the part with all the pockets — but if that floats your boat, you can!
  • Two elastic mesh pockets for an umbrella and/or water bottle.

Cons of the Edgemont:

The only thing I can think of (and I’m digging deep here) is that It is the tall/narrow shape of backpacks I’ve used before — which has led to digging for buried sunglasses or lip balms. However, it’s got so many pockets that I don’t see this becoming an issue.

At just $128, this bag is truly an incredible find. (And I had a discount code that took mine down to under $100.) If you’re eyeing the Edgemont, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

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