Best Personal Item for Airline Travel: Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Review

May 16, 2020

To recap where I’m at if you didn’t read the first installment in this series, I went on the hunt for a personal item that would attach to the handle of my rollaboard back. I started out with a set from Away (that went back, sadly) and moved on to Dagne Dover.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that when you start looking for something, every company that makes a version of the thing you’re hunting will start advertising to you, and that’s how I found Dagne Dover. They were advertised to me on Instagram, and at first I felt a little “meh” about them. Their bags have a sort of “2000s diaper bag” look to me… but once the Away stuff didn’t work out, I decided to give Dagne Dover a try.

Link to product:

Overview of the Dagne Dover Landon Carryall in Medium: I chose this bag because it comes in a lot of fun colors, and I chose the mauve to go with my navy Samsonite rollaboard. I was excited about all the fun compartments, zippers, pouches, etc. and read good reviews about the bag.
My overall thoughts: The mauve was more purpley than I was expecting, but it was pretty. In some photos, it looks more rosy/pinky/brown than it really is. But it’s still pretty. So next up: I freaking loved this bag. But I sent it back because the trolley sleeve/luggage sleeve was too narrow to fit on the padded handle of my Samsonite bag. It still pains me to think of the moment I went to slip it over the handle only to realize it REALLY wouldn’t work.

Pros of the Landon Carryall:

  • Excellent size: Small enough to go under the seat or carry on your shoulder if needed
  • Roomy: Plenty of space for all the flight essentials, and includes a water bottle pocket (which I’ve seen some folks hunting for)
  • Tons of compartments: Zippers, pull-out pouches, cellphone pocket, etc. I mean, it has it all.
  • Neat material and construction: Dagne Dover bags are unique; at first I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the material in person. But once it arrived, I loved the smooth feel of the bag, the chunky zippers, the mesh pouches, etc.

Cons of the Carry On:

  • Didn’t fit the handle of my Samsonite rollaboard — that’s really it.

All in all, I’d highly recommend this bag to anyone who doesn’t have a super-padded/wide handle on their rollaboard bag. I have also been considering purchasing the Landon Carryall in Large to use for weekend trips. (Just haven’t done so because we haven’t really been going anywhere during this whole global pandemic.)

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